ULTIMATE Accessory Bundle




All the accessories listed on the store (Over $800 Worth)

  • King’s Crown
  • Enhanced CoL
  • Enhanced King’s Crown
  • Enhanced Ring of Forging
  • GIANT Ring of Forging
  • Chalice of Cryptic Kings
  • Golden Chalice of Cryptic Kings
  • Chalice of Queens
  • GIANT Golden Chalice of Cryptic Queens
  • Queens Crown
  • Crown Jewels of Greater Ancestors
  • Howlite’s Gazing Necklace
  • GIANT Sceptre of Greater Ancestors
  • Sceptre of Greater Ancestors
  • Polearm of Greater Ancestors
  • Hammer Of Greater Ancestors
  • Shard Of Greater Ancestors

All the accessories if purchased within this pack will be retained within a new round and future rounds.




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